Seize growth opportunities

Composite Capital supports emerging non-bank lenders to expand their business with an on-call funding line. Look beyond private capital and syndicates to ensure funding certainty when issuing approvals. Access the latest in finance technologies and feel confident to grow.

Scalable Systems

Reliable institutional funding

Our institutional mortgage securitisation funding that enables capital is always available at settlement.

Our lenders benefit from:

  • Stable financing
  • Institutional backing
  • Seamless settlement

Enhance your performance with
our digital systems

Get access to the latest digital technologies, including origination platforms, loan management and collections systems. Help your people achieve more and scale your business faster

  • Streamlined loan operations
  • Advanced technology
  • Rapid scalability
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Guidance and
support for
business growth

Direct contact with industry experts who can support you and your team on technical lending matters, as well as ideas to grow and scale your business into the next big brand in non-bank lending.

  • Expert guidance
  • Tailored solutions
  • Accelerated credit assessment

Together we can 
do great things

It is what our name stands for. Bringing together your drive and passion, with committed capital, so you can feel confident to grow your business to the next level.


Elevate your business with Composite Capital

Comprehensive funding, cutting-edge systems, and unparalleled support